5 Things That Will Turn Our Country Around

Are you one of the many people that think our country is headed in the wrong direction, frustrated with The Blame Game that is played daily in Washington? Do you feel embarrassed by what other countries think or say about the United States? If you answered yes to either of these questions I am going to propose 5 things that will help get our country on the right path again. Take a deep breath…you ready?

1. Implement term limits. We have them for Governors, and Presidents, but not for Congressmen, Congresswomen, or Senators. Politics was never intended by our Founding Fathers to be a career path.

2. Reduce the maximum corporate tax rate. According to Fortune, nearly 80 companies have changed where they are domiciled this year alone, in order to beat the U.S. tax rates. Apple alone holds more than $150 billion…with a “B” overseas. Imagine what could be done if that money was able to be put to work here in the U.S.

3. Implement a talent assessment tool for all political candidates. We test potential job candidates during the recruiting process. We even want to meet the babysitter before we leave our kids with her…or him. But no one thinks to test the person whose job it will be to protect us, to speak softly and carry a big stick. Caliper, DISC, Kolbe, Forte, the list is endless. Just use one!

4. Eliminate second chances and “get out of jail cards”. If you don’t pay your taxes at 20 that’s called a mistake. When you don’t pay your taxes for years after the age of 35 it’s called deceitful and if you don’t like that word you can call it criminal. How can one hold others accountable when they themselves have crossed the line and thought it okay?

5. Require every potential candidate for a Legislative and Executive roll in government to undergo a rigorous training and education on Middle Eastern history. We’ve spent more than $1.5 trillion on wars in the Middle East since 2001 according to nationalpriorities.org and have lost nearly 7,000 lives. More than 20% of the total Federal budget is spent on the military and this is a sore subject for many. However it’s important to note that it is the ONLY area our Constitution states as a must-provide by OUR government. Have you read our Preamble lately? Our leaders need to understand history before they try to jump in and try to “fix” things. Perhaps it’s time for a realist to simply manage the risks that arise from the cradle of civilization rather than trying to change or control it.


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